Program Benefits

  • No Capital Cost to Install Solar System - There are no costs to the host associated with the the installation or operation of the system for the 20 year term. Additionally there isn't any need to maintain the system since this is the responsibility of Greener Product LLC.
  • Greener Product LLC Operates and Maintains System - Once Greener Product has evaluated and accepted the site into the program all the site assessment, design, building of the array, operation and maintenance is done by Greener Product LLC for the 20 years term of the lease.
  • Receive $1000 Immediately upon System Activation - After the system has been installed and the local utility has energized the system the host will receive an immediate payment of $1000. This one-time payment is in addition to the "shared revenue' payments due every quarter for 20 years.
  • Share in the System's Revenue for 20 years - Under the program the host will receive regular payments for participating in the program. These quarterly payments are guaranteed for next 20 years.
  • Purchase the System at End of Term Option - At the end of the agreement the host will be provided with four options including removal of the system at no expense, lease the system, maintain the current arrangement or purchase the system at a reduced price.
  • Contribute to Energy Independence & Reduce Harmful Emissions - Renewable energy alternatives, such as solar, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and greatly help to reduce the dangerous carbon monoxide gases that lead to global warming.