Greener Product Solar Smart Program

Who is Greener Product Energy?

Greener Product is a professional services and project developing company providing renewable energy through photovoltaic (“PV”), solar thermal and wind technologies. The Company levers its energy knowledge expertise, investment banking expertise and procurement processes to help schools, non-profits, municipalities and businesses maximize energy savings together with reducing emissions.
Greener Product LLC develops and implements solar power systems on a client’s site and own, operate, maintain and service the system for the life of a Power Purchase Agreement with the local power utility. We offer a complete solar system at no cost to the host that guarantees a stable price for their energy for the duration of the agreement, normally twenty years.

What is the Solar Smart Program?

The purpose of the Solar Smart Program is to encourage the developement of renewable energy solutions. This program provides homeowners, schools, businesses, non-profit organizations and municipalities in Tennessee and the neighboring states (TVA territory) an opportunity to participate.
Under the program Greener Product LLC will install a solar system on the applicant’s (host) roof-top or land at no cost. During the term of twenty years the host will receive a share of the revenue generated by the system. In addition the host will receive $1000.00 once the system is in full operation;

What are the Benefits?

  • No Capital Cost to Install Solar System - There are no costs to the host associated with the the installation or operation of the system for the 20 year term. Additionally there isn't any need to insure the system since this is the responsibility of Greener Product LLC.
  • Greener Product LLC Operates and Maintains System - Once Greener Product has evaluated and accepted the site into the program all the site assessment, design, building of the array, operation and maintenance is done by Greener Product LLC for the 20 years term of the lease.
  • Receive $1000 Immediately upon System Activation - After the system has been installed and the local utility has energized the system the host will receive an immediate payment of $1000. This one-time payment is in addition to the "shared revenue' payments due every quarter for 20 years.
  • Share in the System's Revenue for 20 years - Under the program the host will receive regular payments for participating in the program. These quarterly payments are guaranteed for next 20 years.
  • Purchase the System at End of Term Option - At the end of the agreement the host will be provided with four options including removal of the system at no expense, lease the system, maintain the current arrangement or purchase the system at a reduced price.
  • Contribute to Energy Independence & Reduce Harmful Emissions - Renewable energy alternatives, such as solar, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and greatly help to reduce the dangerous carbon monoxide gases that lead to global warming.
  • How Do I qualify?

  • Have an available area of 10,000 to 40,000 sq. feet on a roof-top or land - The available space to accommodate the system should be approximately 10,000 to 40,000 square feet (one acre) and have legal right-of-way access.
  • Premises must be available for lease i.e. 20 years - The host must own or have a long-term lease (20 years) for their premises.
  • Area must be free of shade all year - The space must be unobstructed from the sun and available for the placement of solar panels all year.
  • Roof (if applicable) must be structurally sound - Greener Product LLC will evaluate the roof and if necessary will retain a professional engineer to certify that the roof is structurally sound.